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One Gateway Solutions For Every Industry. Best Payment Service Provider Among the World.

Pay Global acts as a one-stop payment gateway solution for merchants who conduct or who wish to conduct online transactions or e-commerce. We enable you to go beyond accepting payments through cash, cheques and demand drafts with ease. You can accept online payments through various pay modes including Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet Banking and Mobile Payments.


Pay Global is very active as merchant’s desire. We make merchant get updated for Payment Gateway industries, so that the merchant would have an appropriate information about Gateway and for what they are linked with us. Along with secure service, we have some extra expertise, which makes the merchant connected with us.


It depends upon industry that which payment of mode they required. if we talk about online payment mode than some of need MOTO or some required API integration. For MOTO we provide Virtual Terminal, which is completely easy option for merchant who use MOTO. API integration, it’s a more needed medium to make the payment. Generally merchant integrated API in their website. It’s a very convenient way for customer to make the payment themselves.

Real Time Processing

We at ePay Global believe that processing should be very fast and in real time. Transactions, from submit to approve, it take very less time to get approve the transactions. The processor interface, which is made by expert developer, is based on high speed processing so that high payment also can process in the fastest time.everything mentioned in merchant panel so that he/she can easily understand the process.

Easy Payouts

Merchants, who are suffering for delay in payouts, they must linked with us as we assure to give payout on said time without any further delay. We provide payout with the complete statement which contain the proper information of Deducted Rate, Rolling (if applicable) and Transaction Fee etc. payout depend upon some certain things, which we informed to merchants before providing the Gateways and same has followed in that way only.

We offer 100% payout on committed time.If merchant  need fast  payout then do not hesitate to join with us. As the merchant will get payout on real time with subject to no delay.

Chargebacks are the highly reason merchant accounts are terminated. ePay Global can prevent you from chargebacks and ensure to provide a positive credit card processing history! Our process works with most existing merchant accounts so a new merchant application is generally not required. For more information on our chargeback prevention solutions, please contact us.

Merchant training help to reduce the chargeback ratio and help to get familiar how to use gateways. We provide the merchant services training through proper presentation that will help merchant to accept payments in manner way.it is completely easy to learn how to better identify fraudulent cards and what actions to take if you suspect fraud.

ePay Global provide the payment gateway for every industries, whether they belongs from Highrisk Industry or Lowrisk. It happen that some industry don’t provide gateway for Highrisk Industry due to fraudulent activity. It might happen that some Highrisk do that but not all so ePay Global is always there for those merchants.


Electronic Check Processing or E-Check, it directly debits from customer’s bank accounts for transaction of services. In E check, Customer has to provide account number, routing number and check number, which are the main mandatory part.

We do provide E-check gateway for onshore and offshore account both.
The benefit to having E-check processing.
1. Very less Chargeback & Dispute Ratio
2. Quickly processing to get life
3. Decline the ratio of lost sale
4. Avoid fraud sales through the use of risk management tools

We provide all type of credit /debit card processing for an offshore and onshore account. We provide the Gateway which is secured with PCI-DSS. So chances of sale lost n customer lost is nil in terms of security through the internet. The transaction from Credit card Gateway would be chargeable worldwide.

Our credit card processing facility allows you to accept payments from customers around the world, using a variety of credit card brands, including Visa, MasterCard, and Cirrus Maestro. In order to support your business, we take a unique approach to credit card payments, focusing on real-time processing, card-holder security, and online fraud prevention. Through this approach, we successfully reduce the occurrence of chargebacks, safeguarding your business, and strengthening your relationship with credit card providers.

Automated Clearing House, you can take it as an alternative, where Card and Check payments can be accessed together. It is the faster way to process the payments with efficient.

ACH Payment service responds primarily to an ACH payment by checking the format and other detailed ACH info and then it returned final approved response. Here, we providing ACH options for the merchant, for an alternative and faster option.

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