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E-wallet is the best option for any online transactions. The customer simply adds the money through the net to a wallet and when any online payment is required, payment can be transacted via E-wallets Payment Solutions very easily.
eWallets Payment Solution

To add money in a wallet, one need a medium. Payment Gateway fulfills this necessity. The merchant needs payment gateways for his E-wallet process. we at ePay Global provide the gateways where a customer can easily add on the money to his wallet and can reuse for any online payment.

eWallet is an online payment gateway system script that allows you to receive payment from your merchants through plastic money with ease. ePay Global has designed the free digital wallet program, eWallet, for the everyday consumer and making your life easier and secure. eWallets Payment Solution allows the buyer to use that information to easily make a payment or purchase.

A payment gateway, on the other hand, is a facility that handles the connections to banks which are mandatory in order to process payments (whether the payment is through a credit card, bank transfer, or another different payment method).

To open an e-wallet account, its free of cost, and once you’ve created your account you can shop securely online. Whether you are a consumer or a self-employed businessperson, eWallet is a highly demanding, money-making and cost-effective solution for anyone who wants to make a purchase online in a very short time period.

What is the difference between E-wallet/eWallets Payment Solution and Payment Gateway?

A Payment Gateway is an e-commerce application service that approves credit card payments for e-businesses and online merchants. We can assume a Payment Gateway as a cashier in a retail outlet.

Digital Wallet is an automated device that permits a consumer to store money securely in itself so that while doing an online transaction consumer can directly pay using the money already in the wallet instead of going through the whole process of entering card details and completing the formalities.

Could a consumer use digital wallets instead of payment gateways?

A digital wallet is a software that keeps secure a customer’s payment details (like credit card or bank account information), also allows the customer to use that information to make a payment or purchase easily. On the other hand, a payment gateway is a service that handles the connections to banks which are required in order to process using various payment methods.

If you wish to accept payments via digital wallets on your website, you will need to use a payment gateway that supports digital wallets.

If you wish to accept payments via digital wallets on your website, you should use a payment gateway service that must supports digital wallets.

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