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International Merchant Account

Grow your business with us through International Merchant Account

International Merchant AccountIf you want to get an international merchant account, we are the right service provider for you. At ePay Global, we are partnered with multiple international banks that work with eCommerce. We provide merchant solution to the high risk and low-risk merchants all over the globe. No matter where your business is located, now you can sell around the world and accept foreign currency payments through credit card, debit card, and eCheck.

What type of merchant accounts we provide:

How to Apply for International Merchant Account with Us?

It is a very simple process; all you need is to fill the form “apply now” on the homepage. Fill the basic details and submit. Our representative will connect with you and assist you with further documentation. It requires some basic things to open a merchant account like

  • A live website
  • SSL certificate
  • Firm registrations
  • Bank account details

After the application process, the merchant account will be activated after the approval of banks. If all the documents are proper and submitted on time, it won’t take more than 48 hours to set up your account.

Why choose us for International Merchant Account?

If you are looking for international merchant account services, then this is the right place. At ePay Global, we provide professional e-merchant solutions.

  • We offer reliable and safe services due to vast experience.
  • Our expert team will assist you throughout the merchant account process and after services.
  • Our services are available at the best rate in the global market.
  • We have multiple payment options in multiple currencies and have tools to protect your account from risk and fraud.
  • We provide the fastest approval on payments.
  • Provide Multi-language options to boost your payment success.
  • We have a user-friendly payment portal which is responsive to any size of the tablet like phone, monitor, iPad etc.
  • We also have many shopping cart options like Magento. We support in customer dispute and offer the secured services.
  • ePay Global provide so many benefits at a very low affordable price.

Features and benefits of our International Merchant Account

  • 24/7 customer support through email and live chat.
  • With an international merchant account, we offer the single and multi-currency processing.
  • We accept merchants all over the world.
  • We provide Virtual Terminals to process transactions manually and special approvals needed in the high amount transactions.
  • You have full access to the statements online. You will have an account ID and transaction history can be monitored online anytime.
  • Very low charges for operating the merchant account with no currency conversion charges.
  • We give you the freedom to choose the best business solutions for you.

At ePay Global, we understand the requirement of our clients hence give customized solutions with selected regions and currencies. We can provide custom solutions for your valuable demands. To get more details of the international merchant account to write us on info@eskaypay.com. Our team will get connect with you and help you with your requirement.

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