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MOTO/Virtual Terminal

The customer can make the Online payment from two type method first is through API from where the customer has to fill the detail and submit for the transaction, another is through MOTO or we can say Mail Order Telephone Order.
We have such a solution if customer unable to make the payment through API, the merchant can process the payment through Virtual Terminal. It’s become the fastest mode to make the payment as like API. The chances of failure through VT is very less as the accurate detail supposed to be filled through the merchant. If you looking for a  Moto Virtual Terminal Account Service option for your process contact us.

MOTO – Mail Order / Telephone Order/Moto Virtual Terminal Account Service Moto Virtual Terminal Account Service

The terminal that accepts phone, fax and mail orders by processing credit card payments through step by step process.

Gaining access from anywhere and everywhere to the merchants is dynamic and beneficial to the success of your business. You will automatically receive a free MOTO terminal (also known as Virtual Terminal), a browser-based tool that allows you to process Credit Card Payments manually.

We also ensure that all credit card payments are fraudulently checked by the advanced fraud-prevention system, providing real-time processing and payment approval for all legitimate transactions.

You can accept both online and offline secured transactions, with an inbuilt automatic approval receipt system, providing immediate verification to your customers.

Virtual Terminal

A Virtual Terminal is an online browser-based interface for manual processing of credit card terminal known as Point-of-Sale (POS).

Our Virtual Terminal is flawless for businesses that manually process credit and debit card payments received by telephone, fax, and conventional mail. Moto Virtual Terminal Account Service process secure payments on any device connected to the Internet from anywhere in the world without integration on your website. Also provide automatic email receipts for your customers immediately, and free of charge. All you need to get started is a Mail Order / Telephone Order (MOTO) Internet Merchant Account.

Can accept Fast and easy payment anywhere, anytime with ease

A software-based application that is introduced online on a secure server and can be accessed from any internet connected web-browser from any location. Such terminals permit experts to enter a customer’s credit card details and complete their transaction in real time to take a payment usually on the server of the service provider.

Benefits of Virtual Terminal include:

  • Quick and easy to access
  • No technical setup required
  • Take payments using your computer or tablet
  • Payments can be processed physically from any location in the world
  • Automated transaction receipts are sent via email
  • Provides facility to process phone, fax and mail transactions
  • Mechanism as a backup processing alternate if there are online transaction issues
  • Permits for manual payment tracing and access to previous transactions

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