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Offshore Payment Processing

Affordable and Secure Offshore Payment Processing by ePay Global

Offshore Payment ProcessingIn today’s world, business has growth options to expand their businesses globally due to the variety of online payment options. ePay Global provides secure offshore Payment Processing solutions for both high risk and low-risk merchants in very less time. We are one of the industry leaders in providing a high-risk merchant account. We offer easy, secure offshore payment processing services for all merchants with 100% fraud protection. Offshore means when the customer’s issuing bank of the credit card, visa card or eCheck is located in the different country than your business.

Why Offshore Payment Processing Solution?

If your business revenue is affected due to the limitations of onshore payments, then it is a time to apply for an Offshore payment processing solution. By opening an offshore merchant account, you can avail the option of multi-currency payments from a different county than your business.

Through offshore payment solution, a customer can make payment online in their local currency. You can grow your business through ePay Global’s high-risk Merchant Account by accepting payments online from your offshore merchants.  Through a single integration of the secure platform, you can expand the business globally.

How does the Offshore Payment Processing work?

If the customers are from different countries, then you can get the payment from merchants using offshore payment gateway from your online portal/website. The customer enters the Credit Card, Debit Card, net banking or any other payment options on your website. Let’s suppose customer make payment through credit card. FAC formats the data and passes it to the merchant’s bank. The merchant’s bank submits the data to the credit card network for e.g, Visa or Mastercard.

The credit card network routes to the customer’s bank that issues the credit card to the customer. The Issuing bank approves or declines the transaction. Interchange sends results to the merchant’s bank and merchant bank processor send results to FAC. Finally, FAC updates the results of the transaction approved or declined on the portal. The merchant portal provides real-time response to the customer.

The Issuing bank later sends the fund to the credit card network, which transfers the fund to the merchant’s bank account. All the above process is done securely in a few minutes.

Challenges in Offshore Payment Processing

All the merchants want to expand their businesses in the international market through eCommerce websites or portal. The biggest Challenges merchants faces are setting up an online offshore payment option. It is very difficult, especially for the startups. We at ePay Global provides the offshore payment processing solution for all merchants with fewer efforts and time.

Benefits of Getting Offshore Payment Solution from ePay Global

  • We provide a competitive rate as compared to others. Our price is the lowest in the market.
  • We have highly secured payment options to reduce chargebacks or fraudulent transactions.
  • Our payment gateway is very easy and user-friendly. You have to integrate it once in your portal and use it lifelong.
  • To get benefit from the offshore payments, our hardware and software get upgraded from time to time.
  • Once the documentation is completed, your account is set up within 48 hours.
  • Now you can enjoy accepting the multiple currencies, which are very important for global business transactions.
  • Offshore Payment Processing charges are very low as it does not attract high taxes as banks are located in different countries.
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