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eCheck Payment Processing

Electronic Check Processing or E-Check, it directly debits from customer’s bank accounts for the amount requested by the merchant to deliver the product and services to the customer.  the eCheck transaction has been to be authorized by the Account Holder to the merchant. The process of echeck is quite simple. Once the merchant has taken the customer authorization, we will debit the money from the account of your customer within 2 working days.

Our E-check payment gateway is available for Domestic USA based merchants, as well as International merchants, Who have the customers in the United State.

The key factor of Check Payments

  1. Minimize the Chargeback & Dispute Ratio
  2. Quickly processing to go live
  3. In-house Check printing and processing
  4. Avoid fraud sales through the use of risk management tools
  5. faster Settlement to the merchant’s bank account
  6. Less hold and reserve

Credit Card- Merchant Account

We process nearly all account for online credit card solution. We also approve 95% Terminated merchants. We have PCI DSS level 1 Security standard to ensure the customer data. The transaction from Credit card Gateway would be secured and encrypted by our secure server.

Our credit card processing facility allows you to accept payments from customers around the world, using a variety of card brands, including Visa, MasterCard, and Cirrus Maestro, AMEX,  JCB  etc. In order to support your business, we take a unique approach focusing on real-time processing, card-holder security, and online fraud prevention. Through this approach, we successfully reduce the occurrence of chargebacks, safeguarding your business, and strengthening your relationship with our banking relationships.


ACH- Processing

Automated Clearing House, you can take it as an alternative, where Card and Check payments can be accessed together. It is the faster way to process the payments with efficient.

ACH Payment service responds primarily to an ACH payment by checking the format and other detailed ACH info and then it returned final approved response. Here, we providing ACH options for the merchant, for an alternative and faster option. This process is being run our alternative account. The merchant would not see the direct transaction in their account from the customer.

The payment of the customers is safe with us unless the merchant delivers the product and services to its customers.

If you would like to learn more about about solution, You may write us info@eskaypay.com

Our user friendly payment processing solution will give the confidence to your buyers to pay for goods or services on your sites without hassle.

Security is our top priority. We always keep the financial information of your customer private, with our encrypted environment.

Your customer also gets more protected while paying you with our latest fraud prevention technology with 24/7 account monitoring from a dedicated team of security specialists. Plus, you’ll get tips and tools to help fight identity theft and phishing and an easy and simple process for reporting a problem.


We can get you live as soon as we receive the supporting docs from you.

We can provide you a payment gateway for all e-payments. Our payment gateway for websites API includes everything required to connect your online business to your Internet merchant account.  Gateway provides an intelligent and integrated online payment processing solution for empowering organizations to accept credit cards, debit cards in CNP environments.
With E-payments you can now reach a wider audience across the world by enabling your e-store to start accepting Cards and other payments methods online. Contact us today for we have the fastest merchant account approval records of all the payment gateways Industry in the world and we will get you up and running quickly with payment integration with API and virtual Terminal As well.

You can sell your products online any where in the world with our online Merchant account.
We are a part of a multi-national corporation providing an opportunity for businesses worldwide to accept credit cards payments online.

We have been in support of most high-risk online merchants for a long time now and we serve those with up to 3% charge-back rates which are hard to place merchants for any industry. Chances of acquiring MID to start transacting for the longest time, avoiding Visa’s GBP, is our key to success

Our worldwide merchant solution will provide you your own offshore merchant account from the international bank with our processing partner processor.

Contact us today for your speedy approval of your merchant account and start accepting credit card payments.

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