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Travel Agency Merchant Account

An Overview – Travel Agency Merchant Account

Travel Agency Merchant AccountPayment gateway for Tour n travel has to accessible globally as industries belong to traveling so anyone from anywhere can use and book for travel packages. We are the same.

ePay Global is globally spread for valuable merchants. A gateway, which can easily transact by the customer is provided by us only. ePay Global deal with both Offshore and Onshore account. File get live within 48-72 hour only with the lesser rate.

ePay Global is the best-rated credit card processing company in the industry and we have experience working with high-risk merchants. You may need a travel merchant account that offers you flexibility and financial security so you can focus on creating the best understanding for your customers. We trust in keeping your expenses down by getting you the lowest possible rates and providing you with a unique processing solution best suitable for your business.

ePay Global experts are experienced for how the travel industry works and they can get you quickly and easily set up with a credit and debit card processing merchant account to fit your business needs.

We provide solutions for most travel agencies businesses including vacation packages online, exotic tour operators, international travel destinations, bookings, and airline ticket industry, new hotels, and motels.

Simply contact us through phone or email and let’s get the process started! We work with small businesses, new businesses, and established ones. After the initial call, make sure to arrange your documentation ready such as incorporation papers, director’s document and cancel the check. Also, your processing statements should be ready to send over to the underwriters to approve your account. Even if you have large dollar amounts, having some chargeback concerns for credit problems we still can help your company. Working with ePay Global experts that are friendly towards for travel agents and their companies.

Merchant Accounts for Travel Agencies and Tour Operators

Allowing your customers to have access to your business anywhere and accept electronic credit card payments anytime is of the utmost importance to the travel agency and tour industry. Take orders online, over the phone or at a physical retail store location and boost your revenues and promote business growth. Obtaining a merchant account to fit your specific needs can be difficult for traditional banks if your business is in the travel industry.

Barriers Getting Travel Processing Accounts

Because the majority of travel-related transactions take a long duration before the delivery of the actual product or services, many credit card processors label the industry as high-risk. Another deterrent for financial institutes that keeps them from offering travel merchant accounts are the frequent chargebacks and disputes on payments. When running a business inside the travel industry, you need a credit card processing partner like ePay Global Payments that will not hold you back, rather, we will help to develop a good solution for growth and prosperity.

If you are looking for best Payment solution for Tour & Travel Business, So Just Apply Now.

If you are looking for best payment solutions for your business. Just click on “Apply Now” and fill the form or e-mail us on info@eskaypay.com to know more about our solutions.

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