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ACH Payment Processing

“Grow your business with our ACH Payment Processing”

ACH Payment Processing Whether your business is wholesale, mail order, Web / Internet-based or retail-based, service-industry telephone order, ePay Global’s ACH Payment Processing is all in one solution to manage all of your check verification as well as payment processing requirements.

Simplifying transactions with ACH Payment processing

With the ePay Global ACH processing method, you will be able to offer customers with different and incredible flexible payment choice and accept electronic checks efficiently and securely. For simplified transactions and faster authorization, the payments are transmitted electronically. You can save your time and cut costs linked with the traditional check payment option while increasing profits as well as improving customer service.

ACH payment processing refers to the electronic transfers from one bank to another.  Here are some uses:

  • A business pays suppliers/dealers for products or items
  • A user transfers money from one bank account to another
  • A customer pays a service provider
  • An employer deposits funds to the account of an employee

Our payment processing option works impressively, and may also be smoothly integrated with our card payment solution.

How does this process work?

In this process, clients offer their bank routing and checking bank account numbers. Once the payment is verified, then it is sent electronically via our compliant system for quick transfer. There are many businesses that use this payment option as an alternative in order to accept credit cards and paper checks.

If you want to try ACH payment options with a low monthly fee and without any commitment, then check our simple pricing.

Why choose our ACH payment processing?

ePay Global’s ACH Payment Processing is a reliable, convenient and safe payment method.

Improves the efficiency

You just need to set up recurring payments one time and then leave all the things on ePay Global. Our team will do the legwork of collecting your payments, increasing your productivity as well as saving you time.

It can improve cash flow

It is a well-known fact that if you spend less time in the bank, it means your business will be running more.

Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction

It is to be noted that all folks are looking for plenty of options, and thus offering ACH payment processing will be an amazing way to keep your clients coming back for more.

Good Saving

Our payment options are remarkably less expensive than credit card payment option.

Our payment system amalgamates check readers to deposit checks electronically to your bank account. We work with the bank in order to ensure your e-checks are deposited efficiently and safely. With eChecks, you will be able to access your transactions online in order to handle your business, your customers and your payments.

You will be able to delight your clients with payment flexibility and great shopping experience. So you can build trust with this Secure Payment Gateway.

If you are looking for a flexible payment gateway, then you must choose ePay Global ACH processing solution!”

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