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High Risk Merchant Account

An Overview – High Risk Merchant Account

Are you dealing in High-Risk Business? No Problem, We have solutions for you

Secure & Lower Rates, Accept Credit Card Payments, Integrate with your System

High Risk Merchant Account

Looking for credible High Risk Merchant Account, then you have come to the right place. ePay Global is a professionally High Risk merchant service provider, Which offers reliable and secure merchant solution. Due to having vast experience in providing high risk merchant services, we have earned huge reputation from our worldwide clients. Our professional team of payment gateway assists you throughout the high risk merchant account process from applying for approval.

Why we need high risk merchant accounts?

The people who want to start an eCommerce website need a merchant account. You can not receive payments online without a merchant account. The eCommerce business is considered to be high risk as it involves the settlement of transactions online. The high risk merchant account authenticates the payment process via credit card, debit card, net banking and through other options. A start-up business with no credit card processing is at high risk in the online market. The online business has high chargeback risk. A merchant processor can consider your business as high risk and may not provide the merchant account services.

To overcome the risk associated with online business. The basic need is to have a secured merchant account and a second important thing is the secured payment gateway facilities. ePay Global provides both the services at a competitive price. We have complete solutions for merchants seeking for the Merchant Account and payment gateways. We are professional in providing the High Risk Merchant Account with the banks located internationally. That’s why we can process your account within a couple of days.

Why ePay Global for High Risk Merchant Account?

  • Offering the most competitive rates
  • Multiple Payment Option for your business
  • Free Fraud Protection
  • Fastest Approval
  • Increase your approved transaction rate
  • Give a boost to your payment success rate
  • Multiple Currency
  • PCI-DSS Secure

Features of our High Risk Merchant Account

  • Time-Saving
  • Cost Effective
  • Currency Exchange
  • Security
  • Multiple Options
  • Fraud Transaction Control

Benefits of ePay Global High Risk Merchant Account

  • Increase your approved transaction rate
  • Give the boost to your payment success rate
  • Free Fraud and risk control
  • Highly secured transaction
  • Multilingual page & responsive web design
  • Multiple payment options
  • Simple and convenient checkout for your customers
  • Shopping cart support
  • Extremely affordable pricing
  • Speedup the VIP customer by storing data securely
  • Integrate with other channels such as websites, IVR, mobile device
  • Offering the most competitive rates
  • Multiple Payment Option for your business
  • Supports customer dispute

The requirement for High Risk Merchant Account Application

  • A fully functional website
  • Toll-free With IVR greeting of Company
  • SSL Certificate on your website
  • A proper description of products
  • Product pricing details
  • Services details
  • Shipping details
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Refund Policy
  • Return Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • A registered company with Govt. Body
  • Business Bank Account Under Company Name

 Industries We Provide Merchant Account

We provide our merchant services for both high risk and low-risk merchants.

If you are looking for secure High Risk Merchant Account for your business. Just click on “Apply Now” and fill the form or e-mail us on info@eskaypay.com to know more about our solutions.

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